What is a "thinking style" anyway?

Thinking style describes the way individuals think, perceive, and remember information. It is a useful way to characterize your preferences for interacting with others and your environment.

How to interpret your score

Click the button corresponding to the column on your quiz that has the lowest score to learn about your dominant thinking style.

More about thinking styles

Unlike some more popular psychological instruments, e.g. Myers-Briggs, thinking style changes in less than 2% of people over the course of their lifetime.

Thinking style is a lot like "handedness." You were born with two hands, but developed a preference for one hand early in life. Over time, that hand becomes more dominant, getting stronger and more capable as we use it.

Most folks have heard of being "left" or "right" brained, but there are also important influences that come from the "front" and "back" brain. So, instead of imagining halves, with each half corresponding to a set of characteristics, envision your brain being divided into four quadrants. Each of these "quadrants" corresponds with a particular thinking style.