What is WorldLine?

A simulated dataset that captures human activity at city-scale. WorldLine can be used to build compelling technology demonstrations, challenging training exercises, and high-performance analytics.


Who uses WorldLine?

Tech Companies

Training Organizations

Data Scientists

World-leading technology companies use WorldLine data to fuel compelling demos and experiments. Instructors use WorldLine data to create realistic, immersive training experiences for their students. Thought leaders in data science use WorldLine data to develop powerful methods and algorithms for data analysis.

Why WorldLine?


It gives you access to diverse activity metadata that is free of security and privacy concerns.


WorldLine output reflects real-world data in three important ways:

1) Sim-people have unique behaviors and social ties

2) Sim-sensors produce representative metadata

3) Activity data is generated at-scale


We capture the activities of each sim-person, vehicle, and device that generates metadata within WorldLine, so you can validate your own technical performance.


Interested in checking out a sample?

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